What is the minimum downpayment required to purchase real estate in BC?

Whether you are a first time home buyer, or purchasing for another time, and are using the home for principal use, the minimum requirements are: From $0-$500,000 = 5% From $500,000-$999,999 = 10% Any properties valued $1,000,000 or greater, an automatic 20% downpayment on the entire amount is required Purchase Example #1: Purchase price of […]


February 2022 Real Estate Market Update

The Greater Vancouver real estate market saw steady home sales activity, modest increases in home listings, and continued upward pressure trends on pricing. Residential home sales in the region totaled 3,424 in February 2022, an 8.1% decrease from February 2021, and a 49.8% increase from January 2022. Last month’s sales were 26.9% above the 10-year […]

The Ultimate Sellers Guide (Real Estate 2022)

Ultimate Real Estate Sellers Guide 2022

Your Ultimate Real Estate Guide – For Selling Your Home Pre-Listing To-Do List Schedule a complimentary consultation with The King Group Discuss your goals, timeline, and the best strategy for selling Review our formal listing presentation with an analysis of your property Execute sales agreement and review any questions or concerns Marketing and design team […]

Buying and Selling Your Home Simultaneously? (3 Tips)

Selling Your Home While Buying Your Next Real Estate Purchase - Trystan King

SELLER TIPS: “How do I ensure a smooth transition from selling my current home to buying the next?” This situation can be common for people wanting to stay in the same city and either upsize or downsize. It can have a lot of moving parts, and a successful transition should always be planned and accounted […]

The Ultimate Buyers Guide (Real Estate 2022)

2022 Ultimate Buyers Guide - Thumbnail

YOUR ULTIMATE REAL ESTATE GUIDE – FOR BUYING YOUR NEXT HOME STEP 1: Mortgage Pre-approval A pre-approval or pre-approved mortgage is a written commitment from a lender that details how much money they will lend you, at what rate and at what terms; this tentative approval is subject to their evaluation of the house you […]

How To Successfully Purchase Real Estate Against Competition

Vancouver Buying Tips For Real Estate

BUYER TIPS: “How do I successfully win in multiple offers?” I get asked this a lot these days and buying a home in a competitive market like Vancouver’s is, today, can be challenging. I’m going to provide you with 3 tips on how my clients are successfully purchasing homes against their competition right now! 1) […]

January 2022 Market Update

January 2022 GVR Market Update- Thumbnail

Yet another busy month for Greater Vancouver real estate — let’s take a look into the statistics. The REBGV reports that residential home sales in the region totalled 2,285 in Jan 2022, a 4.4% decrease from Jan 2021 and a 15% decrease from Dec 2021. However, last month’s sales were still 25.3% above the January […]

Learn About Realtor Trystan King

Why do you love your job? I love meeting people I otherwise wouldn’t meet; everyone has a different reason for buying or selling. Learning about them, understanding what is important to my clients every day is an exciting experience. How did you get into the business? I grew up in a family that has always […]