How To Successfully Purchase Real Estate Against Competition

Vancouver Buying Tips For Real Estate


“How do I successfully win in multiple offers?”

I get asked this a lot these days and buying a home in a competitive market like Vancouver’s is, today, can be challenging.

I’m going to provide you with 3 tips on how my clients are successfully purchasing homes against their competition right now!

1) Limit your conditions

You can do this by reviewing all property documents, inspecting the home, and having your mortgage broker review the property prior to writing an offer.

2) Have your deposit ready

By providing a copy of your deposit alongside your offer, you, automatically, will become one of the most attractive offers to the seller.

3) Write a cover letter to the seller

I sold one home last week when my clients submitted a letter with a photo of themselves, noting who they were and why the home was the perfect fit.

The listing agent noted we were not the highest in price, however, the seller made a connection with my client and wanted the home to go to their family.

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